these are just some of my favorites



I’ll have access to a dark room once I finally pay my dues to the photo club. I’ve cleared my entire schedule on fridays next semester so that I can travel earlier to see James and also so that I can spend that time in the dark room. There’s just something so magical about making your own prints. There is also a film scanner in this lab; I really just can’t wait until I have enough time to get some prints of my own done. It’s always so hard finding a place that can develop color film here anyways. 

I’m still trying to

figure this whole WordPress thing out. I have a tumblr but it’s really much simpler than this. I think the correct term used to describe tumblr is microblogging? Anywho, the theme on here is much more difficult to customize, and I’m the type of person who needs to have control over every aspect of a design and so it took me a while last night to get the page looking moderately the way I want it to. I started this account in order to make admin changes on the BU Vegetarian Society blog but now I think I may use it to either display my photography or just write out some of my thoughts. Tumblr is more like a mood board of pictures that inspire me and often times the things that I actually post, as opposed to just reblogging, get lost among pictures of girls with ombre hair and Dr. Who fanfics so it might be nice to post how I’m feeling here, even if I’m the only person reading it.